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Genuine Toyota Limited Slip Differential

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  • Toyota TRD Torque Biasing Differential, Driveline - PTR39-21070

    Vehicle Specific

    • Provides performance-minded owners with increased traction under hard acceleration
    • The TRD helical gear type LSD improves acceleration and cornering
    • This LSD smoothly and constantly biases power to both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, sensing which wheel has better grip and seamlessly biasing power to that wheel; in contrast, the ordinary open differential, standard on most cars, wastes power during wheel spin because it shifts power to the wheel with less grip
    • Tested according to TRD's stringent performance standards

    Product Specifications

    • TRD : TRD

    Part Fitment

    • Toyota Matrix 2009-2011
    • Toyota Corolla 2009-2010
    • Toyota Camry 2004-2009
    • Toyota Solara 2002-2003
    • Toyota RAV4 2001-2003

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