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About Scion

Scion is a Toyota brand that was discontinued in 2003. Aimed at younger buyers, the brand focused on affordable, stylish, and expressive compact sports cars. It had a simplified "pure price" sales concept that disregards traditional dealer equipment levels and marketing. A specification was offered for each vehicle with no option to change the base price. Customers had a range of vehicle customization options installed at the dealership. Scion was one of the newest brands in the market. It seemed appropriate as the program was aimed at the younger generation. The Scion quickly carved a niche in the hearts of buyers looking for a good combination of value and style. It offered the quality and reliability to be expected from a brand with such a pedigree.
In 1999, Toyota launched the Genesis project. The goal was to attract young consumers in the United States. The project's goal was to develop a sales and advertising strategy for Toyota's compact and coupe models. It was based on the "marque within a marque" principle. The Echo, an economy car, was launched. The MR-2 and the Celica followed it. The project was considered a failure and discontinued in 2001. The brand then decided to launch its own brand of cars. It was called Project Exodus. It hired a Los Angeles digital design agency to design the brand, logo, and website. Scion's first two cars were the xA and xB. These elegant little cruisers were launched in 2004. They were initially only available in the California market. After a gradual phase-in, Scion cars began to be offered nationwide.

Masterpieces of Scion

In February 2004, the brand was launched in the country's south, southeast, and east. Scion cars have been sold nationwide since June 2004. It coincided with the launch of the 2005 tC model on December 16, 2006. Scion introduced the new generation of the xB model. It was based on the t2B concept. The event was held in Miami. The car was introduced to the public on February 8, 2007, at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7, 2007. The xD was a five-door small passenger car sold in Japan as the second generation Ist. It is based on the Yaris platform and features the engine from the tenth-generation Corolla. The Scion is usually offered in a single trim level for the convenience of buyers. However, buyers can customize the car to their needs through dealers' wide range of accessories. Optional packages include subwoofers, alloy wheels, and custom exhausts. It also offers pricing that was not negotiable. Buyers pay only the listed price. It made the negotiation process easier.
In 2013, the second-generation xD and xB models entered their seventh year of production without major design changes. Scion sales remain well below their peak in 2006. Its parent company authorized vendors to drop the Scion brand without harm. Sales of the newly launched FR-S model were initially strong. However, combined sales of the new FR-S and the updated tC did not reach the same level as that of tC in its peak years. Toyota has announced that the Scion brand will cease to exist in August, following the end of the 2016 model year. In 2017, the FR-S, iA, and iM were merged into the Toyota brand. The TC brand has ceased to operate. The C-HR was also transferred to the parent company, although it was initially produced as Scion.