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The Scion FR-S is offered with a standard six-speed manual transmission and an optional six-speed automatic transmission, with Subaru's four-cylinder engine equipped with a Lexus fuel injection system. The front-wheel-drive car's engine and gearbox are positioned as far back as possible to achieve a 53:47 weight distribution. It has a good infotainment system, Bluetooth, air conditioning, push-button start, power windows and mirrors, and automatic transmission. It is Scion's definition of a true RWD sports car, with an exceptional balance of performance and handling, attractive design, versatility, and surprising economy. It features 2+2 seating in the cabin, which emphasizes form and function. The comfortable but fixed front seats have deep headrests and very little headroom, while the rear seats fold flat to create a flexible space. A large tachometer sits in the center of the three instrument clusters and includes a programmable gearshift indicator with a small but powerful warning light that illuminates when the red limit is reached. The driver can set the indicator to illuminate at 100 rpm and above 2,000 rpm.

The Scion FR-S, known for its high performance and quality, is not immune to certain mechanical issues after accruing significant mileage. Among the most common problems is gear grinding when the clutch is depressed, often accompanied by difficulties in shifting gears and a shuddering sensation during acceleration. This can potentially be attributed to issues with the bellhousing, transfer case output shaft snap ring, release bearing, clutch fork, clutch slave cylinder, or clutch disc. Another common issue involves tire failure and engine problems; owners have reported tires cupping and shaking noticeably and wheels vibrating post hitting a bump, possibly due to a faulty strut housing. Engine problems include metallic sounds, a drop in oil pressure, and decreases in power and fuel economy, suggesting a check of the oil filter and oil pump gasket. However, maintenance isn't limited to addressing these issues; it also involves ensuring optimal functioning of components like headlights, which not only illuminate the road ahead but also act as warning signals to other drivers and pedestrians, the wiper blades, which clear the windscreen for unobstructed vision, and the emblem, a key marker of vehicle identity.

Choosing OEM products can lead to long-term cost savings on maintenance and repairs since they offer the highest level of durability, thanks to their strict manufacturing processes. Welcome to our website where you can discover high-quality, genuine Scion FR-S parts. We offer an extensive inventory of OEM FR-S parts at the most affordable prices. We are committed to providing top-rated customer service along with prompt delivery.