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  • Armrest
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The Scion iA is a small car and offered a 1.5-liter gasoline version and a diesel edition. As for the latest vehicles, they are paired with a 4-cylinder engine, which delivers 106 horsepower, 103 pound-feet of torque, and has a 6-speed manual transmission. The EPA estimates fuel economy is 35 mpg on average and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 9.1 seconds, reaching a top speed of 120 mph. These specifications are on the high end for the class. The cargo is 171.7 inches in length, 66.7 inches in width, and 58.5 inches in height. It only had one trim level, but in 2019, the vehicle was offered in L, LE, and XLE levels. A variety of exterior options came as well. Gradually, the automobile gained popularity for its strong performance, great handling, refined interior, and good fuel efficiency. The wagon attracts customers with countless features. It offers a seven-inch touchscreen, rear-view camera, two USB ports, and a low-speed pre-collision security system. Navigation is a customized choice.

The Scion iA, despite its many merits, is not exempt from certain common issues reported by its owners. Primary concerns include engine failure symptoms such as reduced acceleration, compromised fuel efficiency, engine misfires, overheating, and an occasional illuminated Check Engine Light. These issues may potentially be traced back to faulty components such as the spark plug, oxygen sensor, oil filter, air filter, or intake manifold gasket. Moreover, suspension and braking complications frequently surface with the vehicle displaying an uneven tilt leading to irregular tire wear, and disconcerting road or grinding noises, especially when making turns. These concerns could be linked to worn-out strut bellhousing, coil springs, or coil spring insulator. Brake-related issues might be resolved by inspecting components like the brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, or the parking brake cable. Other components like the steering angle sensor, shift cable, bellhousing, seat belt, headlights, fog light bulb, headlight bulb, and wheel seal may also require routine maintenance due to their vulnerability to wear and tear.

Original equipment manufacturer parts provide exceptional performance and boast first-rate durability. This is attributed to their adherence to Scion's official manufacturing methods, utilization of high-quality materials, and compliance with stringent quality standards. If you are in demand for superior quality and affordable OEM Scion iA parts, then shop with us! We own a wide range of the lowest-priced genuine Scion iA parts. You can purchase in confidence as all parts come with a manufacturer's warranty. Any issues with our products? No need to worry as we have a hassle-free return policy to guide you every step of the way.