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    About Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro-style, mid-size SUV manufactured by Toyota from 2006 to 2014 as a left hand driver SUV and from 2010 to 2016 as a right hand drive SUV. The first Toyota FJ Cruiser was introduced at the North American International Auto Show as a concept car before it officially debuted in 2005. It was produced to commemorate Toyota Land Cruiser and earned IIHS's Top Safety Pick accolade.
    The production version Toyota FJ Cruiser was first unveiled at January 2005 North American International Auto Show. As a 4-door SUV, it had several variants: TRD Special Edition, Trail Teams Special Edition, 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition, ARB Edition FJ Crawler and FJ-S Cruiser Concept. No matter as a rear-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive SUV with off-road performance, it could get power from only one 4.0 L 1GR-FE DOHC V6 engine with power increased from 239 to 259 hp and to 260 hp while torque decreased from 278 lb to 270 lb and then bounce to 271 lb. As for transmissions, four-wheel drive SUV was equipped with 6-speed manual transmission and other versions were available in 5-speed automatic transmission.

    Toyota FJ Cruiser Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    Everything would wear out as time passes by, so would Toyota FJ Cruiser. Moreover, as a SUV, FJ Cruiser has to deal with more difficult road conditions compared to regular cars. In this way, some common problems on it pop out:
    First, Check Engine Light on. As a matter of fact, lots of broken auto parts would activate and illuminate the Check Engine Light. For example, according to Toyota FJ Cruiser drivers, a clogged oil filter would not only light the Check Engine Light, but also reduced the engine performance such as slow acceleration or excessive oil consumption. At the meanwhile, broken spark plug or engine control module would also cause similar situations. So if your FJ Cruiser is experiencing the same, do not forget to check those auto parts.
    Second, clunking, clicking noises. We can assume that it is the suspension system goes wild based on FJ Cruiser owners' descriptions. They explained that besides hearing loud clicking or clunking noise while turning, they could also feel hard to control the Toyota FJ Cruiser; as excessive vibration would pass from steering wheel to palms and steering pulling to left or right. You can find uneven tire wear as well as the vehicle tends to tilt to one side. Parts like axle shaft, control arm and coil springs are often culprits in suspension, you can check them first.
    In order to keep your Toyota FJ Cruiser run smoothly in any road conditions, you need keep every auto part in it at the prime condition. Seat belt, as the guard to any impact from sudden movement, plays a crucial part in marking sure driving safety. Fog light bulb, headlight and headlight bulb work similarly in provide excellent driving vision. And wheel seal stops accumulation of dirt and moisture to make sure wheels operate well, it is also vital. As they are must use auto parts in driving, so please practice routine maintenance on them.
    Any OEM Toyota FJ Cruiser auto parts ranging from alternator to emblem can be found at our wide selection of Toyota FJ Cruiser genuine parts. Moreover, we offer all genuine FJ Cruiser auto parts at the lowest price in the market, not to mention the hassle-free return policy. So please shop in confidence as all OEM auto parts come with manufacturer's warranty and quick delivery speed.