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Elevating the legacy of its first-generation forerunner, the Toyota 86, the Toyota GR86 materializes as an advanced evolution co-engineered by Toyota and Subaru. Anchored under Toyota's performance-focused Gazoo Racing marque, this second iteration is crafted with exacting detail at Subaru's technologically advanced Gunma manufacturing facility in Japan. Preserving the core elements that originally garnered its devoted enthusiast following, the GR86 boasts a naturally-aspirated 2.4-liter boxer engine positioned in the front, a rear-wheel-drive layout, and a 2+2 seating configuration - all of which are encased in a sleek, aerodynamically optimized fastback coupé form. Distinguishing the GR86 from its preceding model are engineering specifics like a meticulously balanced 53/47 front-to-rear weight distribution and a calculatedly low center of gravity. These specialized design enhancements are targeted at augmenting vehicle handling, providing drivers with an enriched, dynamic, and tactile driving experience. Additionally, aesthetically, the GR86 is steeped in historical context as it draws visual and performance cues from Toyota's iconic AE86 model. This carefully considered homage not only establishes the car as a high-caliber sports machine in its own right but also aligns it with Toyota's extensive racing heritage. Consequently, the GR86 solidifies its standing within the expansive Gazoo Racing lineage, serving as a synthesis of Toyota's storied motorsport past and the pinnacle of contemporary automotive innovation.

The Toyota GR86, especially the 2017 model, is known to have interior rattles. Identifying the precise source of these noises can be difficult. Strategies to determine their origin involve pressing on the interior panels, tapping the dashboard, and listening from various locations inside the vehicle. Common causes include loose items such as tools, pens, water bottles, and bulky keychains that move with the car's movements, with rubber key covers suggested as a solution. Securing the trunk's components, such as the jack, lug wrench, and spare tire, is advised to minimize these noises. Problems include a rattling glove box, rattles after window tinting, noises from the driver's side seat belt, around the HVAC knobs, dashboard noises during acceleration, malfunctions from the Active Sound Speaker, a ticking noise in the glovebox, and sounds from the lockout collar on the shifter. There's also a notable rattle between 4000-5000RPM from the passenger side speaker/dash area. Attempts to address this with foam have largely been unsuccessful, suggesting a potential design flaw. The rattles have been attributed to factors like the plastic dashboard coming into contact with the infotainment system, window buttons, or the A-pillar plastic cover. The frequent occurrence of these noises suggests they might be an inherent issue in this model.

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