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Genuine Toyota MR2 Spyder Accessories

Popular Toyota MR2 Spyder Accessories
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    Air Filter
  • Shift Knob
    Shift Knob
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  • Clutch
  • First Aid Kit
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  • Oil Cap
    Oil Cap
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The Toyota MR2 Spyder is a 2-door convertible manufactured by Toyota from 1999 to 2007, with its presence in the United States market lasting until 2005. As the third generation Toyota MR2 (W30; 1999-2007), the first MR2 Spyder debuted in 1997 at the Tokyo Auto Show as a prototype. It was known as the Toyota MR-S in Japan and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in Europe. Powered by a single 1.8 L 1ZZ-FED inline 4-cylinder engine, the MR2 Spyder came with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 6-speed Sequential Manual Transmission (SMT), and a 6-speed manual transmission exclusively for the European market from 2002 onwards. In Japan, the MR2 Spyder was available in the B, Standard, and S trim levels, while a monospec trim level was offered in the United States and Europe, similar to Japan's S trim level. In 2007, the Special V-Edition and TF300 editions were sold exclusively in the United Kingdom. Despite its limited availability in certain markets, the MR2 Spyder remains an iconic convertible sports car from Toyota.

The Toyota MR2 Spyder, sharing its platform with the MR2, experiences similar problems as reported by global owners. Common issues include braking and engine problems, transmission troubles, and suspension issues. Brake-related concerns often involve a malfunctioning parking brake cable, indicated by a poorly holding car or a lit parking brake light. Engine troubles manifest as poor gas mileage, rough idling, slow acceleration, misfiring, or difficulty starting the vehicle, suggesting possible issues with the oxygen sensor, spark plug, or fuel filter. Transmission problems may present as whirring, rattling, or grinding noises when using the clutch, shuddering during acceleration, or difficulty shifting gears, typically caused by issues with the shift cable, output shaft bearing, synchronizer ring, release bearing, or transfer case output snap ring. Suspension issues can lead to the vehicle bottoming out, which may require checking the shock and strut mount, carrier bearing spacer, wheel bearing, pinion bearing, and coil spring insulator. Additionally, regular maintenance of less noticeable parts such as the headlights, vital for visibility and safety, and the antenna, contributing to driving enjoyment, is key to keeping the MR2 Spyder in prime condition.

Opting for OEM items can result in long-term savings on upkeep and repairs, as they provide the utmost durability due to their stringent manufacturing procedures. In contrast to inexpensive aftermarket auto parts, we provide a full range of OEM Toyota MR2 Spyder parts, all backed by a manufacturer's warranty and offered at unbeatable prices. Our selection includes an extensive variety of genuine Toyota MR2 Spyder parts, from radiators to headlights. Moreover, we guarantee a hassle-free return process and the fastest delivery service.