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    About Toyota Previa

    Toyota Previa is a MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) but a 3-door and 4-door minivan in North America. It has been produced by Toyota since 1990 over three generations but only one generation in North America. The first Toyota Previa was introduced on 27 January 1990 and became Toyota's second largest minivan since then. It has different names in different markets: Toyota Estima in Japan and Toyota Tarago in Australia.
    The first generation Toyota Previa (XR10, XR20; 1990-1997) went on sale in March 1990 in United States to compete with Dodge Caravan minivan, Chrysler Town and Country and Plymouth Voyager. It had many trim levels in Netherlands as base (i), GL, GLi and GXi, in Australia GL/GLI, GLS (renamed Ultima) and GLX and in Japan Toyota Estima Lucida and Toyota Estima Emina. Toyota Previa is mainly powered by 2.4 L 2TZ-FE inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 2.4 L 2TZ-FE inline 4-cylinder supercharged gasoline engine, 2.2 L 3C-T inline 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and 2.2 L 3C-TE inline 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine fitted along with a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

    Toyota Previa Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    As a minivan, Toyota Previa is very popular among venders, caterers or travelers. However, just because of this, some problems would come for it because it often used to load heavy good for long distances.
    First, sudden unintended acceleration or not accelerate at all. Toyota Previa owners said that the vehicle would not only experience a sudden slow acceleration but also sudden acceleration. High idle speed, engine stalls or misfires and poor gas mileage are the extra impacts. So if the Check Engine Light comes on in your Toyota Previa, you can try inspecting the spark plug, drive belt, idle control valve, oil filter and throttle body gasket.
    Second, suspension and steering system went wrong. Suspension problem shows on Toyota Previa as vehicle titling to one side and cause uneven tire wear, giving out excessive road noises or grinding noise. At the meanwhile, the operation of steering wheel becomes rougher. Steering tilt could not locked, power steering fluid leaking causes low fluid levels and difficulty steering. If you happen to sense similar symptoms, you can check your Previa coil springs, coil springs insulator, steering column cover and power steering hose.
    Do you know that you can extend your Toyota Previa's lifespan if keep every auto part in it at the prime condition? For example, wiper blade is responsible for cleaning dirt, raindrops or vision blocking items on the windscreen. Fog light bulb is designed to deal with adverse weathers such as windy or foggy. Seat belt is a lifesaver in car accidents. Every auto part is important and has closely relation with your driving safety.
    If you are in need any Toyota Previa OEM auto parts, you can select freely from our vast inventory of genuine Toyota Previa auto parts. We offer all OEM auto parts with manufacturer's warranty at the lowest price. If orders are placed now, brand new OEM parts could get your door step at the fastest delivery speed.