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    About Toyota Prius V

    Toyota Prius V is a full hybrid gasoline-electric compact MPV and station wagon manufactured by Toyota since May 2011. It is named as Prius α in Japan and Prius+ in Europe. The first Toyota Prius V was introduced in May 2011 in Japan, in October 2011 in United States and in June 2012 in Europe. It is one member of the famous and lucrative Prius family. Though as a newly built model, Prius V has been awarded Green Car Report's Best Car to Buy for 2012.
    The Toyota Prius V was first released at the January 2011 North American International Auto Show along with the Prius C Concept. "V" in its name stands for versatility. It offered three trim levels in United States: the base Prius V Two, the mid-range Prius V Three and the premium-level Prius V Five. Besides Toyota Hybrid System, Prius V is also powered by 1.8 L 2ZR-FXE inline 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i gasoline engine that produces 98 horsepower and 105 lb of torque. Engine is fitted along with a 1-speed planetary gear transmission. As a successful model, it is making brighter future around the world.

    Toyota Prius V Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    Even as a full hybrid gasoline-electric compact vehicle, Toyota Prius V still cannot get rid of the wearing process like any other ordinary cars. Some common problems may happen to others happen to it as well:
    First, possible engine problems. Toyota Prius V actually also get powers from gasoline engine as well. And after a while of driving, drivers found that the fuel economy of Prius V decreased a lot and sometimes engine would give out unusual sounds. When accelerating, a loss of power would make acceleration hesitant. Smell of gasoline when starting the car and black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust happen from time to time. Actually, if you also notice that Service Engine Soon light also comes on, you should check your Prius V air filter or oil filter rather than engine, because dirty air filter or clogged oil filter would cause engine performance reduced.
    Second, multiple electrical problems. It is truly not a rare problem in a hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle. In Toyota Prius V, drivers complained that when they activated the cruise control system, the cruise control light did not illuminate, at the meanwhile, the Prius V cannot maintain set speed or acceleration even when the set button is presses or activated. Once these symptoms appear, it is probably the cruise control switch needs get replaced. Actually, door locks, oxygen sensor, wiper motor and so on are all fragile electrical auto parts in it.
    You need do more if you want to enjoy the pleasure brought by the most advanced green car Toyota Prius V. Let's start with the cabin air filter, which is responsible for venting fresh air into the compartment while driving, if you want to enjoy the air, please make sure it does not get clogged. Antenna in the infotainment system can live and rebroadcast the real-time news, which adds driving flavor and delivers the road conditions to drivers as well. Your routine maintenance cannot lack of them.
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