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About Toyota Echo

The Toyota Echo, also called Toyota Platz in Japan, was a sedan, along with a special supply of coupé in North America. It focused on young buyers who wanted to purchase economical compacts including high-cost performance, good gas mileage, and the marque. Being the predecessor of Toyota Belta, Yaris coupé, and Vios(XP90), the Toyota Echo was equipped with a 1.5L four-cylinder engine and has the choice of FWD and 4WD version, thus offering a speedy acceleration. The transmission type was a five-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. Manual windows and locks, air conditioning, and an audio system of six speakers with CD and/or cassette players are equipped in most Toyota Echo models, helping it gain the comment of a functional interior.
In Oceania, North America, and the Philippines, the Toyota Echo was also referred to as a hatchback, which was the first generation of the Vitz series. In Europe, Yaris was its name. The Vitz was first revealed in Paris Motor Show in October 1998 and was used the name “Echo” in Australia in 1999, and in Canada in 2003. Its launch in North America was in 2003, offering four different trims in Canada. It was first introduced to replace the coupé. Although the hatchback sold well in Canada, it had never been sold in the US. The model of the Toyota Echo hatchback had the version of three- and five-door hatchbacks to choose from. For the size part, the Toyota Echo had a 93.3-inch wheelbase, a 142.3 or 143.3 inches length depending on years of production, and a 59.1 or 59.4 inches height depending on FWD or 4WD type. Its alloy wheel was 14 inches in diameter. The model ended production in 2005.

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In Australia, the 1.3L 2NZ-FE engine was in use, along with a standard five-speed manual transmission. Also, there was an optional four-speed automatic transmission. The Echo “Sportivo” was later introduced in March 2001, delivering the engine of the 1.5L 1NZ-FE type. Furthermore, air-conditioners, CD players, and remote keyless entry were added to facilities, but the safety pack had become an option. The option returned to necessity in December 2004 in order to re-lift the result of the safety assessment. Only manual transmission edition was offered in the case of the “Supertivo”. The Australia Branch released the Echo “Rush” in June 2005, offering an additional optimization of the facilities.