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      When it comes to new Echo OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top online parts store for decades. Our complete catalog covers all Toyota genuine Echo parts and accessories. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Toyota dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your Echo car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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    About Toyota Echo

    Toyota Echo is a supermini automobile manufactured by Toyota from 1999 to 2005 marked exclusively for North America. The first Toyota Echo was introduced in 1999 for the 2000 model year for North American market. It mainly had two vehicle type: sedan and hatchback. In different markets, it was called in different markets.
    As a 2-door coupe and a 4-door sedan, Toyota Echo was designed to replace the Toyota Yaris. It was powered by 1.0 L 1SZ-FE inline 4-cylinder engine and 1.3 L 2NZ-FE inline 4-cylinder engine mated to 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission. While, as a hatchback, Toyota Echo was actually the first generation Toyota Viltz, belongs to XP10 series as well. It offered an Echo Verso variant from late 1999. In North American, Toyota Echo was a 5-door and 3-door hatchback powered by 1.3 L 2NE-FE inline 4-cylinder engine in Canada and 1.5 L 1NZ-FE inline 4-cylinder engine in America with a standard 5-speed manual transmission and an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. Available trim levels included LE, CE, and RS.

    Toyota Echo Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    As Toyota Echo is made of auto parts and auto parts will wear out as time passes by, once auto parts start to fail, some problems would emerge on your Toyota Echo. In order to increase your Echo's life expectancy, you should know how to diagnose and solve these problems:
    First, braking system failure. According to experienced Toyota Echo drivers, braking system in it goes wrong easily. Common signs include visible leaking brake fluid and corrosion on ground. Sometimes, when braking, braking system would give out abnormal noises and brake pedals become pulsating, parking brake become loose. The Brake Warning Light would turn on as well. If you also notice that your Toyota Echo is experiencing similar troubles, you are advised to check the backing plate, brake drum, hydraulic hose and brake line just in case.
    Second, engine performance suffered. Engine powers Toyota Echo to run, however, after a while, its power in acceleration reduced dramatically based on Echo owners. At the same time, leaking fuel and black smoke coming from the exhaust system also troubled them a lot. Sometimes, they could even smell fuel odor, hear squealing or wining noise from the front of the vehicle. Overheating, inability to start and Check Engine Light coming on also happen occasionally. Once these symptoms appear, please check your Echo fuel pressure regulator, oil filter, fuel filter and drive belt right away.
    However, besides engine and braking system, coil springs on suspension system and shift cable in transmission system of Toyota Echo also easily go break. And some daily used auto parts also experience the same. For example, door handle and door lock would not function normally after used for a long time. And emblem as the signal of your Echo would fade with time. Please remember to maintain them well.
    Wonder where to find exceptional quality and affordable OEM Toyota Echo auto parts? I am telling you that you have already come to the right place. Our website boasts for a huge selection of genuine Toyota Echo auto parts at the lowest price in the market. What's more, all OEM Toyota Echo parts would come with manufacturer's warranty.