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Genuine Toyota EGR Valve

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We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota EGR Valves, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the EGR Valve results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Toyota EGR Valve

Your Toyota EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve is intended to allow exhaust gases into the intake manifold of your vehicle, in computer regulated amounts. An increase of vehicle speed and engine temperature will result in the EGR valve opening up. Once you slow or come to a stop, the valve will close to stop flow of gases. Most EGR valves are commonly composed of steel and copper. The valve will be found close to the intake manifold on your engine. Over time, the exhaust gases passing through the valve will cause an ever growing layer of soot and grime.
Excessive layers of these contaminants can result in complete valve failure, or it being stuck completely open or closed. In order to change the EGR valve, locate the valve near your intake manifold, remove the mounting bolts and replace with the new one. You may experience detonation if your EGR valve is clogged, or engine misfire if it is stuck open which causes too much exhaust to enter your intake manifold air/fuel mixture. Replacing a failing or broken EGR valve will restore proper emission of your exhaust gasses. A world without functioning EGR valves in cars would be one with a highly polluted environment!
Since there is a high-quality genuine OEM part with a huge discounted price for your Toyota, why do you insist buying aftermarket parts? There is no reason for that at all. You will never regret purchasing genuine parts here. The price showing on the website is up to 32% off MSPR, and it is cheaper than your expectation. If it still cannot convince you, we have a dedicated and patient customer service team ready to assist you, and we check live part availability for you and making sure you are buying the correct one.

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