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Genuine Toyota Oxygen Sensor

We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Oxygen Sensor, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Oxygen Sensor result by selecting the vehicle.

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About Toyota Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor in your Toyota is a device within the emission control system to detect if the oxygen in gas or liquid is in correct proportion. The perfect ratio for oxygen and gasoline is 14.7: 1. So it is not good for your engine neither is too high or too low. There are two apparent signs that your oxygen sensor may does not work well: one is the Check Engine Light (CEL) in your gauge panel when it is lit, and the other one is heater circuit malfunction. Otherwise, you can use a high-impedance digital voltmeter or a back probe to test it precisely. When either of them happens or you sure your oxygen sensor is failing, it is the time to replace a new one. And you can easily find the one you are satisfied here. All Toyota oxygen sensors we sell to you are genuine parts with a surprise price. Get one OEM Toyota oxygen sensor as soon as possible. Otherwise, your Toyota engine will suffer more.

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