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We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Oxygen Sensors, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Oxygen O2 Sensor results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Toyota Oxygen Sensor

A rather compact part, your Toyota oxygen sensor is designed to detect how much oxygen is being expelled via the exhaust stream, so the engine can the deliver the correct proportion of fuel for it to run most efficiently. It works by checking the oxygen particulates produced in the exhaust, and then it sends that data to the engine computer so it can make the appropriate fuel adjustment. The oxygen sensor can be found in the exhaust manifold and possibly also in each catalytic converter of your automobile. In order to replace your oxygen sensor, you will need a special sensor removal socket.
Once the sensor is located, remove its electrical connector, then remove the sensor using the special attachment socket. Reinstall new part with anti-seize to Toyota's torque requirements. With the proper tools and attachment it is a very doable job, even for the novice DIY mechanic. If the oxygen sensor is failing, your gas mileage may suffer or your check engine light may appear. One can use a voltmeter to test if it operating as Toyota engineers intended from the factory. Replacing your failing oxygen sensor can restore drivability, gas mileage and it may eliminate a check engine light cause by a faulty sensor.
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