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Genuine Toyota Thermostat

Engine Coolant Thermostat

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We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Thermostats, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Engine Coolant Thermostat results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Toyota Thermostat, Engine Coolant Thermostat

The thermostat, which is in the cooling system, is designed to regulate the temperature of the coolant in the engine. The thermostat is a valve made of metal and has a built-in temperature sensor. There is an automatic switch in the thermostat which changes between closed and open. When the thermostat is closed, there is enough coolant in the engine, and it is at or below the correct temperature. Once the temperature of the engine reaches a set higher temperature point, the thermostat opens up to let more coolant in to stop the engine from being overheating. It is the temperature sensor inside the thermostat which makes this function possible.
If you find your engine is overheating, or the heater A/C in your car doesn't work, or the Check Engine Light is on, please you should check it immediately. Since the thermostat is firmly related to the engine, and the engine is the heart of your Toyota. It will be hugely dangerous if you run your Toyota with a declining thermostat. The engine will be burning or failing if the thermostat opens or closes all the time, and incorrect amount of coolant flows in the engine.
A small screw or a tiny spiral can affect your Toyota and do not underestimate every part in your Toyota. We sell genuine OEM Toyota parts since we insist that genuine parts are the best choice for your car rather than aftermarket parts. Also, you don't need to worry about price here, and the amount here is cheap and affordable. We ship your order to you wherever you are, and we keep the package complete and outright. Even though the part is no longer needed or damaged during the deliver process, you can request for returning the part without any hassle.

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