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About Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a range of FWD vehicles from Japanese automaker Toyota. Toyota has also subjected the Land Cruiser to extensive testing in the Australian outback. It is considered one of the most challenging environments in terms of both temperature and terrain. The Toyota Land Cruiser is currently only available at Toyota's Japanese stores in Japan. From 2021, the large model will be available in many markets. In 1941, the Japanese government asked Toyota to produce a light pickup truck for the Japanese military. In 1942, Toyota developed the AK10 prototype for the Bantam GP. The half-ton truck had a vertical grille, flat front wheel arches that curved down and back like the FJ40, headlights above the wheel arches on both sides of the radiator, and a folding windshield.
In July 1951, Toyota test driver Ichiro Taira drove a prototype of the new-generation Jeep BJ Jeep up the sixth step of Mount Fuji, the first automobile to reach such a height. The test was conducted under the supervision of the National Police Agency. The NPA was impressed with the performance and quickly ordered 289 of these SUVs, making the Jeep BJ its official patrol vehicle. They were only produced on order for the first two years in small quantities. However, regular production of the Toyota BJ Jeep began in 1953 at Toyota's Honshu plant. Mechanically, the FJ40 received a new F. The Toyota Land Cruiser was eventually lowered but still featured a three-speed main gearbox. By 1968, 100,000 units had been sold worldwide.

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Body assembly and painting were performed by Arakawa Bankin Kogyo KK. The following year, technical director Hanji Umehara came up with the name. They had to come up with a name for the car that sounded as good as the competitors' names. The one-piece front axle was upgraded with coil springs. The rear springs were lengthened to improve ride comfort and wheel travel. The six-pin wheels were replaced with five-pin wheels. Minor changes were made to the gearbox to improve its durability. The long-wheelbase models were given new names. We have a comprehensive inventory of genuine parts on hand. Our convenient shipping can get you the parts you need quickly. Have a question about specific parts or general repair? Our excellent parts team is ready to assist you.
Four-door ownership was added in 1957. The Toyota Land Cruiser was originally imported to Australia by B&D Motors as FJ25/28 with cab chassis. The Land Cruiser was the first Japanese vehicle to be regularly exported to this country. Theiss Constructions initially used a small number of Land Cruisers on the Snowy Mountains project. By 1965, more than 50,000 vehicles had been produced worldwide. The Land Cruiser was Toyota's best-selling vehicle in the United States. In 1974, the 3.0-liter, four-cylinder diesel B engine was introduced.
The introduction of this engine boosted sales in Japan and made the Toyota Land Cruiser a compact truck with lower taxes than the gasoline version. In 1976, the FJ40 and FJ55 were equipped with front disc brakes. The Toyota Land Cruiser Association was founded in California. Instead of wasting time replacing parts that keep breaking, start with genuine parts that actually work. Our service department keeps a large inventory of parts in stock at all times because we know how important it is to have original parts for your vehicle.