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About Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is manufactured by Toyota and sold worldwide. Launched in 1966, the Corolla was the world's best-selling car until 1974 and has remained one of the best-selling cars ever since. In 1997, Corolla became the world's best-selling car. From 2006 to 2018, the hatchback model was Toyota Auris. Early models tended to be rear-wheel drive, while later models were front-wheel drive. There were also AWD versions. Toyota Corolla's traditional competitor was the Nissan Sunny. It was launched in Japan the same year as the Toyota Corolla. Toyota's chassis and engine codes described its chassis designation as "E."
In May 1970, the E20 was redesigned and given a more rounded body. The Toyota Corolla and Sprinter designations are now used to distinguish slightly different bodywork and trim styles. The Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno designations were introduced as upgraded versions of the Toyota Corolla and Sprinter models, with a two-stroke version with twin overhead camshafts introduced in March 1972. Production of most models ceased in July 1974. However, the KE26 estate and van models were sold in Japan along with the new 30 Series until production ceased in May 1978. In Australia, the KE3x was available as a 4-door sedan, 2-door sedan, 2-door estate, and 4-door estate. All vehicles had a 3K engine and a 3-speed manual or K40 3-speed automatic transmission. Sprinklers were not available. Later models of the KE5x were available as a 4-door sedan or 2-door coupe with the 4K engine. The KE55 was 50 kg heavier due to additional side impact protection on the doors. However, modifications to the body panels and seam sealing made them susceptible to corrosion.

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A comprehensive overhaul was carried out in March 1979. The Corolla's air intake grille and headlights and taillights were simplified. The Sprinter had a somewhat more sophisticated and sculptural design. Changes also included the addition of new A-series engines to the model range. The last model used the K-series "Hickam" and T-series engines. Fuel injection was introduced as an option for vehicles sold in the Japanese market. Pickups and vans were produced until June 1987, when the E80 generation replaced the entire model range. In the United States, the E90 Sprinter was produced and sold as Toyota Sprinter and Geo Prizzi. In Australia, the E90 was produced and sold as Toyota Corolla and Holden Nova. In South Africa, this generation was produced until August 2006. In June 1991, the Toyota Corolla was redesigned to be larger and heavier while retaining the fully rounded aerodynamic shape of the 1990s. In the United States, the slightly larger Corolla now belongs in the compact category rather than the small car category. A coupe version, known as the AE101 Levin, was still available. Carburetors were discontinued mainly in this generation.
The 1ZZ-FE engine has an aluminum block and aluminum cylinder heads. Models with this engine were lighter than models with the A engine. It had an iron block and aluminum heads. The model range began to change because Toyota believed that design differences would improve sales in different markets. In North America, production of this generation of engines was delayed until mid-1997, and the Corolla Altis E120 was introduced in mid-2001. It had an improved body, slightly longer and wider than the E120 in other markets, but with the same body panels and interior. The Altis was sold in Southeast Asia, India, and Taiwan. In India, a simplified version of the 1ZZ-FE engine was fitted. It was slower than the competition.