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The Corolla was the world's best-selling car until 1974 and has remained one of the best-selling cars ever since. Early models tended to be rear-wheel drive, while later models were front-wheel drive. There were also AWD versions. The Toyota Corolla and Sprinter designations are now used to distinguish slightly different bodywork and trim styles. The Corolla's air intake grille, headlights, and taillights were simplified. Changes included the addition of new A-series engines to the model range. The last model used the K-series "Hickam" and T-series engines. Fuel injection was introduced as an option for vehicles sold in the Japanese market. In June 1991, the Toyota Corolla was redesigned to be larger and heavier while retaining the fully rounded aerodynamic shape of the 1990s. In the United States, the slightly larger Corolla now belongs in the compact category rather than the small car category. A coupe version, known as the AE101 Levin, was still available. Carburetors were discontinued mainly in this generation. The 1ZZ-FE engine has an aluminum block and aluminum cylinder heads. Models with this engine were lighter than models with the A engine. It had an iron block and aluminum heads. The model range began to change because Toyota believed that design differences would improve sales in different markets.

To prolong the life expectancy of your Toyota Corolla, it's crucial to keep all auto parts in prime condition and address issues promptly. Common problems include reduced engine performance, characterized by poor fuel economy, difficulty starting the vehicle, slow acceleration, and Check Engine Light activation. Inspect the spark plug, oil filter, and air filter to address these issues. Another concern is a brake system failure and poor suspension operation. Noisy brakes, pulsating and vibrating brake pedals, and poor brake response may result from a worn brake pad set and brake disc. Additionally, if you notice the vehicle bottoming out, grinding noises while turning, and excessive wear on front tires and brakes, check the coil spring insulator and the strut housing. Regular maintenance of often neglected parts like seat belts, door handles, headlights, and fog light bulbs is essential for optimal vehicle performance.

Every OEM part is meticulously built to precisely match the original part's specs. They also adhere to strict official quality control standards during manufacture to guarantee exceptional quality. If you need any OEM Toyota Corolla parts, feel free to choose them out of our huge selection of genuine Corolla parts. All our parts are offered at the lowest prices and are supported by the manufacturer's warranty. In addition, we offer quick shipping to have your parts delivered to your door step in a matter of days.

Toyota Corolla Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to remove the blower unit located in the passenger compartment under the glove box area for Toyota Corolla?
    A: To remove the blower unit, find it in the passenger compartment beneath the glove box area. If the blower is not working, first check the fuse and all connections in the circuit for any signs of loose or corroded material and ensure that the battery is fully charged. If it only works at high speed, inspect the blower motor resistor. it is found under the instrument panel on the passenger side. If the blower motor needs to be replaced, begin by disconnecting the wiring connector from the blower. Then, remove the three mounting screws and lower the blower assembly from the housing. The fan can be detached from the old blower motor and reused on the new one. For installation, simply follow the reverse order of the removal steps.
  • Q: How to remove and install a receiver-drier in a Toyota Corolla air conditioning system?
    A: To remove the A/C accumulator, the refrigerant must be discharged and recovered from the system. Located on the passenger's side of the vehicle, at the end of the condenser, the A/C accumulator can be removed by using an Allen wrench to remove the large plug at the bottom. The filter-drier element inside can then be extracted with needle-nose pliers. For installation, follow the reverse order, ensuring the plug's O-ring is lubricated with refrigerant oil. The system must be evacuated, charged, and leak tested. If the A/C accumulator or A/C Condenser was replaced, new refrigeration oil compatible with R-134a refrigerant must be added.
  • Q: How to remove and install a drum brake shoe?
    A: To remove the brake drum, first, loosen the wheel lug nuts, raise the rear of the vehicle, and support it securely on jack stands. Release the parking brake and remove the wheel. If the brake drum cannot be easily removed, retract the Brake Shoe Set by pushing the lever off the adjuster star wheel with a narrow screwdriver while turning the adjuster wheel with another screwdriver. Check the drum for cracks, score marks, deep scratches, and hard spots before reinstalling. To install the brake drum, simply place it on the axle flange and install the wheel and lug nuts. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts to the proper torque specifications. Adjust the brakes by making a number of forward and reverse stops and operating the parking brake until satisfactory pedal action is obtained. Finally, check the operation of the brakes carefully before driving the vehicle.
  • Q: How to remove a heater core for your Toyota Corolla?
    A: To remove the heater core, start by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery and draining the cooling system. Then, disconnect the heater hoses at the firewall and remove various components such as the center console, glove compartment, and instrument panel. Disconnect major electrical harnesses and remove all fasteners securing the cross-cowl support tube to the cowl and the lube-to-floor brace. Next, remove the HVAC housing unit from the firewall and pull the heater unit out just enough for the heater core tubes to come through the firewall. Finally, remove the heater core from the housing and catch any coolant that may drip. To install, simply reverse the removal steps, refill the cooling system, and check for leaks and proper system operation.