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Genuine Toyota Headlight

We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Headlight, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Headlight result by selecting the vehicle.

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About Toyota Headlight

A Toyota headlight heralds the imperative task of illuminating the road at night, so you can see the road, arrive safely at your destination and avoid any potential road hazards. With a simple flip of a switch or turn of a knob, you will be able to light up the road during the night. Some Toyota headlights are manufactured with glass, while others are typically made with polycarbonate, which is much lighter and more durable. You can find your headlights at the very front of your vehicle, on either side of the radiator.
Broken headlights commonly stem from road debris which has struck and cracked the assembly. Other damage comes from neglect, resulting in a foggy haze on each headlight lens which reduces or eliminates your ability to see the roadway when you need to. Replacement of the headlight can be quite labor intensive, and it normally requires the removal of the front bumper fascia to access the headlight assembly. With a broken or cracked headlight assembly, you will lose the ability to safely operate your vehicle while it's dark out. Each headlight assembly is accompanied by a headlight bulb which works to light up the roadway in front of you.
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